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Hey everyone, the prospect of this episode was one of the driving forces in getting me up and getting the VIP membership again. Needless to say so far I have not been disappointed. As soon as Andrea got in the room, this turned into an absolutely amazing show.

Danny 'Friendzone' Hatch reminds me of a friendship that I had a couple of years back. I realise now that I'm older than Danny and that means I can act wiser. Basically we were best friends (defined as that from both sides) and one day I just had to go NOPE and just say 'hey, I just can't be friends with you anymore because I want to be with you so bad that I can't pretend that it's okay anymore'.

It could be the same with Danny. In a way, I sympathise with him, and obviously his harsh self depreciating and insulting of everyone around him while hammered is his way of letting of steam. I don't think the show gave him a favourable view with anyone, but all I'm saying is I sympathise, dude. But if it hurts so bad, it's not going to hurt as much to let her go.

As a sidenote, it's good to be back on the forums!
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