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Everyone was groovy, great to here Xerxes on the cast too! Emmy is smashing it; funny and more comfortable than ever. Hennessy; you are always firing on all cylinders so thumbs up for continuing the awesomeness.

Some school tings from my life:

The year 5 teacher from the class next to mine picked up and threw a kid out the window... CAVEAT; this was not on a second floor or anything so the fall was small but the kid was tiny for his age BUT even still the window was tiny.

My year brother and I had the same teacher a couple years apart in primary school and he had a very pedophile vibe about him. First week in high school I got a call from him at my FUCKING HOUSE asking how I was going. Then a few weeks later I bumped into him at music store close to where I lived asking how things were. That happened a few times but he got the gist that I was a second away from calling the cops. Fuckin creep.

A substitute maths teacher in high school out of the blue told my class that "when you go to the toilet to just let it come out. Don't push! Whatever you do, don't push!". We all failed maths and shat our pants. (Warning: End of story completely false).

In the heights of Beverly Hills 90210 (the ORIGINAL), a girl in our year 7 class found a teacher reading her diary during recess. Well Fuck No that girl said, and by the end of recess the majority of the three year 7 classes had banded together to protest (the Donna Martin graduates episode had just been on so it was the Braveheart of the times for the girls).
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