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Originally Posted by lalalemon View Post
I am so in love with this episode. The talk about gender and sexuality always fascinates me, and it's nice to hear some of my own thoughts expressed by people I really look up to.
Thanks so much! I am so in love with your posting here.

As a fellow lover and follower of Dan savage I wish "monogamish" was a more widely known and accepted concept. It has worked wonders for my current relationship and I honestly don't think I'd still be in it if we hadn't come to that understanding. Hearing stories like Myq's makes me feel like I'm making the right decision when most of my friends are like 'Whahahappa? Youdowha? Okaythatllworkriiiiiight'
Much appreciated!
And the good news is that I believe the concept of "monogamish" and awareness of the idea of polyamory and openness in general, these things are all gaining more presence in the public consciousness. The same way there have always been gay people, but it used to be they had to operate in secret for fear of judgment or worse, in a very short time a lot of progress has been made, and I think openness is on that track as well.
There are tons of smart, thoughtful, reasonable, loving people living this way, talking about it, being examples that show it isn't just a bunch of creeps and weirdos (or at least if they are, it's the best kind of creeps and weirdos), and more and more people who never had thought about it are now hearing about it, being all right with it, and even giving it a shot.
We're on our way!

I also really understood Myq's comments about sometimes understanding himself as a lesbian. Fairly early in my relationship I told my bf more than once that he reminded me more of a lesbian than a straight man... given he was raised by a mother, 5 sisters, and a gay brother- but his femininity and emotional intelligence was so connected, so on the same level as my own that it was weird to me how well we understood each other and how deeply our relationship developed in a relatively short period of time. Funnily enough he is also mistaken as gay on a regular basis.
Am I your boyfriend? Everything sounds like me except for I didn't have any siblings (and I do have a dad).

Sincerely, very glad you have found this guy (doll? gal? person!). Hooray!

Thanks for a great show. I am so impressed with how VIP has taken off and really opened up a new world for us fans. Can't wait for more
Thank YOU! For listening and sharing.

And if your geographical identifier is correct and you are indeed in Louisville, KY, I will also be there with Zach Sherwin doing a show on August 20, I believe. Hope to see you there if you're around! (And we can settle once and for all whether I'm your boyfriend.)
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