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Yes. Both Roman Polanski and Woody Allen make incredible movies, (The Ninth Gate and Crimes and Misdemeanors- both of which, but especially Woody Allen's Crimes and Misdemeanors...find and watch...seriously) but I digress...they both are sexually...super wrong/ odd. None of us approve of their personal proclivities, but they do produce thought provoking, brilliant, must see movies.

This type of thinking is like Heinz ketchup. Are they not America's favorite? Of course they are. Don't be silly. However, they are a large corporation that most likely promotes evil - on the sidelines. Indirectly. Do you stop dipping your fries in what can only be describes as bliss? Of course you don't. Heinz ketchup. Amazing.

Also, Jimmy was on Chemda's 'What's My Name' and told crazy interesting stories that only a NYC cabbie/ NYC stand up comedian could tell. Highly recommend.
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