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I also appreciate the fact that Keith and Chemda questioned Jimmy if he was doing all this bullshit for publicity and shit. More than once all this was asked and they still wanted him to explain his point after being tested. This dude could of really been fucking around and they wanted to make sure they were not being fucked with. Assuming he didn't still get over on them. I'm a little confused by the whole dispute. But back to the hosts; I like that though. Not just playing to the hype and all that jazz. Rude or not? I think it was necessary. The balls on them and good for 'em.

Me too Piffle.
Medium Brumski: The only reason we have the 2nd Amendment is because John Adams was afraid of the zombie apocalypse and he wanted to make sure Americans would be prepared, I guess Keith hasn't gotten to that part of the mini-series yet.

Sparrow:...Brings up her point? What point?! Are we naht suckin' ya cahk hahd enough, Sue?!?

Keith: Oh, you...

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