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I really liked Jimmy's episode of What's My Name, but give me a break. Emotional sodomy? Who are these thousand people that were so emotionally heartbroken over a stupid reality talent show saying Jimmy might be on the show and then not airing his bit? I'm sure they were excited to see a friend or a friend of a friend on a popular TV show such as America's Got Talent and perhaps some of them were a little disappointed, but the hyperbole in this episode made me want to jump in a vat of hot tar and sharks. (Hyperbole intended.) I was really just mildly annoyed. (Are you taking notes, Jimmy?) The drama in which Jimmy approached this whole situation is so blown out of proportion that it's absolutely clear that he is only trying to make this situation into a bigger deal to get press for his new book and career. I can't fault him for that and I can't exactly expect him to really admit that, but it just came off as so incredibly desperate and transparent.

And did anyone really hear about this Mel B. booing incident? Quit acting like it was front page news and that everyone heard about it. We didn't. I came out of this show really not liking Jimmy. Like I said, he was great on What's My Name, but on KATG, he came across as an ego manic and a drama queen and couldn't really logically explain his point about why he wouldn't want to be on the show. Let's not ask him back, ya dig? (No, Jimmy, we don't dig)
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