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Me too Scumhook. No fucking thanks. As for the poll; I voted Peter. Seeing as how no one mentioned the poll...I guess I'll start.

I can't go too much into it because I'll get banned. So I think I can stick to one portion.

Eitherway, Peter also sucks at trying to explain a situation that's for damn sure. I was confused like three fucking times. Assuming there is no hyperbole or apprehension (he did specifically say he wouldn't say certain things on the show so why not this too?) it does look like an honest mistake. Convenient sure. Too convenient probly lol.

All I have to add is this. Something not mentioned on Peter's behalf is this one thing. Whether he used the show as some sort of platform for his big question or not...He did help with the Petre (spelling?) search, been buddies with the show/hosts since, a guest, and even invited the other half of the show's parental unit...If ya get that meaning. (Chemda and Lauren) Based on all this, I fail to see why he would suddenly with malice (because that would HAVE to be what it is, no?) purposefully be so exclusive.

Why do all of this for the show, only to exclude the other parental half of the KATG family and their significant other no less?

Just adding something to the discussion. Take it for what it's worth. Hopefully it will all blow over and Keith can make Peter buy him a lobster roll or something and it will all be peachy keen. But WTF do I know. I would blow off almost anyone's wedding, birthday, and most holidays. I don't grasp what the words "important day" means. I'm a piece of shit.
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