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Another triumph of an ep.

You know at airshows where the Blue Angels fly in from 4 points of the compass into the middle, and they all somehow miss each other and go screaming up into the sky?

Well this ep is like that, with Keith, Danny, Myka and Chemda as our pilots.

Except that Danny is flying a blimp.
And Keith is on the beach playing with Huggsy and drinking beers.
And Myka & cHemmo are flying F-18's and shooting at the blimp with insults.

So it's kind of the same.

Fucking pissed myself laughing at Myka's party comment. When cHemmo dusted off the mattress minigun and chopped Danno off at the knees, I almost drove off the road.

Something in Danno's delivery made me think of Stephen Wright at one point. Fucked if I can remember what it was though.
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