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Originally Posted by flerchin View Post
This was a fun episode of MNIK. I hope Ray and Keith can go see a movie together again sometime. (They both could use the chance at redemption.)

Most people convert an hourly wage as follows: 8 hours / day * 5 days / week * 50 weeks / year is 2000 hours. Multiply your hourly wage by 2000 and you arrive at your yearly earnings. For Ray's example, it would be $56k/year.
A fast shortcut to estimate annual salary based on hourly rate would be to double the rate and add three zeros to the end.

For example:

$10/hour annualized would be about $20,000/year. You double 10 to get 20 and add 000 to the end of that.

$30/hour would be ~$60,000 a year. Double 30 to get 60 and add "000" to the end.
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