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I tried to summarize your wall of text into a smaller wall of text.

70% of the new jobs which are created in this country are low-wage shit jobs. The majority of fast food workers are over the age of 28. These are no longer jobs worked by just high schoolers.

Based on only their $8/hour salary ($15.5k/year) from their jobs with Walmart, employees working there are actually under the federal poverty line ($22k/year). This means that most of these employees are forced onto welfare/food stamps. Which increases taxes/federal spending to the tune of $1billion nationwide. And that is JUST FROM WALMART.... pretty crazy.

If we did raise the minimum wage to something more on par with all the other first world countries then these employees would not be soaking up so much of our tax dollars. Putting more money in these employees pockets would also mean that they would be spending more money which would help to stimulate the local economies in those areas!!!!!! WOoooooh!111!111!1!!!

Anyway I've lost track of what we're even arguing about...
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