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Originally Posted by Rommorwen View Post
Ok Keith Malley, you frustrate me. You're always going on about how society sucks but no one ever does anything about it and nothing will ever change. It seems like you're talking more about it lately with the Snowden and Trayvon Martin things happening. And yet when people do act and try to change things you belittle their efforts and make fun of them for giving a shit. So, rather than ignoring your ignorance as usual, here is what is happening with the fast food and low wage workers across the country. I could send this in an email, but I may as well update and inform the forums as well. (etc etc redacted)

Anyway... stop hating on low wage workers and do some fucking research. <3
You're going about this the wrong way. You need to link Keith to a documentary he can watch, not text that needs reading.
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