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This was a fucking epic ep (yep, see wut i did thar).

The 2hrs shot by, leaving me both wanting moar and feeling completely satisfied.

In this sense, Keith's a bit like eating a nice big piece of cheesecake, and not just because he's white and fluffy with an excellent crust... However, I digress.

This was the best MNIK evar, and has cemented his position as the premier spin-off show. Ever. In the whole fucking history of spin-off's. In this, and in all parallel universes.

Ray was a fucking awesome guest. Baring his soul, with raw emotions and honesty (albeit well-lubed honesty). Keith guided the discussion like a master.

I thought it was going to be a good ep when, near the start of the show, Ray started slurring his words when they were discussing shit about gyms.

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