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There were plenty of carnies to scare my kids. It's like poor dental hygiene and facial warts are part of the carnie job requirements. The chickens and other animals really were the highlight, and they were just farm animals in cages. The fair food we got wasn't even fresh deep-fried crap. It was frozen reheated deep fried crap. Seriously, we couldn't even enjoy the shit overpriced food before we felt bad about ourselves for having eaten it.

I bought a new car a few weeks ago, but I was annoyed with the cigarette lighter being always on, even when the car was off. I wanted the bluetooth adapter that I plugged into the cigarette lighter to turn off when I got out of the car so that my phone wouldn't stay connected to the bluetooth when I was in my house.

Anyway, I looked up the circuit diagrams for the car, found a circuit that was controlled by the internal computer to only be live when the car was in use (the power window circuit), and wired in a relay to the power supply of the cigarette lighter. I drew up a circuit diagram and made sure that the safety of the car wasn't compromised in any way. I tucked the entire circuit in behind the access panel for the body control module, and my wife can't even tell I did any work on the car. The bluetooth now properly disconnects when I exit the vehicle. In all it was a successful hack and I'm now happier with my car.

tl;dr Nerdy car guy stuff.
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