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Whoa. That's so badass! Love me some David Yow. Never had the privilege of seeing them live. Hope to some day. Don't know if they're even a band or tour any more.

I did see Jesus Lizard's guitarist a couple years ago in the band Th' Legendary Shack Shakers. It was a great show. Their lead singer is kind of a punk/rockabilly/blues version of David Yow. Actually, he is compared to Jello Biafra of old. Just a great, fun lead singer. Got their album and wasn't terribly impressed, but highly recommend them live. Energy x 2 + Stage Presence.

Oh. So, I was gonna get Duane's signature and what not. I'm like "Hey, I'm a big Jesus Lizard fan - can I buy ya a beer?" He gave me the most disgusted look and was like 'Got a bowl?' I didn't. 'Well let me go backstage and change, I'll be out"

Lol. I never saw him again. Meanwhile, the lead singer has got 2 chicks and signing shit and taking pics and everyone's best friend.

I think about that show. The fact everyone but Duane was pouring sweat, rocking, having fun. He was just kind of standing there. Shuffling through chords with zero emotion. He seemed like a child at a guitar lesson. Just going through the motions...

I noticed he was playing a white electric First Act guitar, which is a shit, cheap-o Walmart thing. I don't think he's happy. I think he's broke and wishing Jesus Lizard were still around. Anyways.

Hey, have you ever seen any shows in the States? You into 'Les Savy Fav' at all?

What are some good New Zealand bands?

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