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I have a few serious problems with BROLO's story about the redneck baby basher. 1. If she's hitting a child in public imagine how she's is whith him/her in private. 2. She knows it's wrong or at least socially unacceptable because she suggests taking the child into the bathroom and out of view into a more private public space. So she can really wallop the child?

BROLO is 100% correct, nothing good can be learned from a parent hitting their kid. Even a controlled thought out punishment slap on the ass..what are they learning from that, hitting is the solution?

I've noticed that my boy lean towards a physical reaction to express emotions or thoughts....I am frustrated, here's a slap. I'm hungry, here's a bite, I'm tired here's a head bop. I have a deal with my son..."If you don't hit me, I won't hit you". It works out nicely for us.
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