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Originally Posted by Enunciated Piffle View Post
Bucho, that 'Comfortably Shagged' song aint bad. I don't like the name though. 'Head Like A Hole' sounds like a Nine Inch Nails cover band.

Remember that show Flight of the Conchords? I fucking miss that show.
I never liked the name much either but plenty of bands use song titles of other artists to name their band so I never get the covers vibe. I mean, maybe The Rolling Stones seemed like a Bob Dylan cover band back to some folks in the day but I'll never know. There's just no way to find out.

Speaking of name things, this is probably NZ's numero uno rock band, Shihad, named after Frank Herbert's Dune apparently. I've never read it or seen the movie but the band is one of the best live acts I've ever seen. They also blew Rage Against The Machine off the stage the same day Jesus Lizard did. This might make me sound like a RATM hater. I'm not. Jesus Lizard and Shihad were just that damn good.

I miss Flight of the Conchords too but I'm glad they quit when they felt like it instead of doing what way to many other sitcoms do and milking a dead horse. Or beating a cow. Neither course of action sounds like fun to me.
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