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End Result: Everyone Fucks You

Define 'Sexual Harassment.'

I believe it's what the bean-ers refer to as 'No Bueno.'

Did the talented and gifted comedian Myka Fox seriously pass on well-paying gig to pursue her dream of being a working comedian, only to endure: half-a-fag, no balls, ultra-weak, super creepy, kinda rape-y, oddly misogynistic, incredibly needy, and ultimately just fucking gross excuse of a male 'booker' interviewer advances to get deserved work?

This episode begs the question. Is there a correlation between being charming and 'easy to talk to' when applying for a job?

This fake-ass booker has mistook his job title for the roofies he so clearly is in need of.


I often listen to Maria Bamford's brilliant comedy album "How To Win" and wonder 'How come she isn't up there with Bill Hicks, George Carlin, and Louis CK?' Oh. She has a vagina. I forgot. Although it might sound like I'm reaching here, but I'd say the same thing about Joan Rivers. The poor bitch had to mangle her face just to feel ok in a male dominated world. She's always been funny and after watching her recently on Anthony Jeselnik's show: she's still got it. However, how many dicks did she have to suck, male ego did she have to soothe, just to get the point across. HEY. IM FUNNY. I KNOW I HAVE A VAGINA YOU WANT TO FUCK BUT IM HERE TO MAKE YOU LAUGH.

The world of comedy exposes personal bullshit. I have no idea why this little boy with a hard-on is a part of this world. He obviously does not belong. Yeah. Myka Fox is attractive and you want to fuck her. Keep that shit to yourself. This guy's mentality is no different than the average douchebag who frequents the coffee shop with the hot chick barista, or only goes to Hooters cuz the busty girl smiles at him. Ugh. It's so fucking weak.

When a comedian comes in to The Stand or whatever comedy venue it is, looking for work, how about you be a professional and either deem them funny, aka got the job, or simply: not. The job or task of you fucking them should not be an issue.

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