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Sweet. I love me some Jesse Joyce, Gaby Dunn, and even Jesse Joyce as a guest sounds pretty good!

Perhaps if there weren't 82, 000 KatG spin-off podcasts; I'd be all caught up!

Still desperately trying to get to that Chris Fairbanks one. I love me some Chris Fairbanks. I got to see him open for Reggie Watts here in Missoula. I dig his nerdy/ somewhat obscure or odd reference style. Reminds me of...Myq.

Myq, do you have an album or youtube video that you are particuliarly proud of? I'm a fan, but I don't have any of your material on me ipod. Unless you count your podcast. Did I just answer my own question?

I anticipate a 4.5/ 5 stars on this one. Not unlike the great Carly Simon hit circa 1971; anticipation is making me wait. That or laziness. Am I still writing..?
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