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Jesse's story about the pageant child is do terrifying because first where the hell is the mother and second, why hasn't her mother taught her stranger danger? Pageants are where predators go bc they know their fantasies are there. Thank god this child ran into Jesse and not one of those creeps. Super sucked for him though bc damn.

The way ancestry works is that they have access to public records from a long time ago and upload them into a database. The pictures come from the users who upload them. I used the free trial and found some distant relatives that had pictures of my great grand parents. I'm planning on going to my great great aunts and taking pictures of all the old pictures they have from Hungary so that other relatives can see it. You can search by social security number too. There are some limitations as certain countries have refused to release their census records. It was pretty cool to see my relatives names in the ship registry as well as the old census records. One of my friends is Puerto Rican and it was interesting to see the racism in how they classified people of color. I'd recommend the 2-week free trial.
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