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Originally Posted by Enunciated Piffle View Post
pageants are gross.

Originally Posted by littlp View Post
Jesse's story about the pageant child is do terrifying because first where the hell is the mother and second, why hasn't her mother taught her stranger danger?

Originally Posted by Enunciated Piffle View Post
Sweet. I love me some Jesse Joyce, Gaby Dunn, and even Jesse Joyce as a guest sounds pretty good!

Still desperately trying to get to that Chris Fairbanks one. I love me some Chris Fairbanks. I got to see him open for Reggie Watts here in Missoula. I dig his nerdy/ somewhat obscure or odd reference style. Reminds me of...Myq.

Myq, do you have an album or youtube video that you are particuliarly proud of? I'm a fan, but I don't have any of your material on me ipod. Unless you count your podcast. Did I just answer my own question?
good question! even if you did, i'll answer it as well.

but first, about chris fairbanks. he is wonderful. and the first time we met, years ago at a festival in aspen, we both noted that we had some stylistic similarities. free-association-comedy-mistake-jazz, if you had to name it with those words maybe. he has an album, called "fairbanks!" i think. it's great! but that's not what you asked about.

i have two standup albums, "vegan mind meld" and "meat robot." i am proud of both of them, and other people have enjoyed them both as well. also, micah sherman and i have an album, "please be seated." it has music as well as comedy. musical comedy, mostly, that is. we also have some music videos. i believe they're all on my website. the videos. the albums are wherever you get albums from. my website, or itunes, or amazon, or wherever!

enjoy whatever you choose to enjoy! and thanks for enjoying as much of the podcast as you have and can and will and do! sincerely.
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