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To the aspiring author Brolo and Polina talked about - get set for the hard reality that the least supportive people in your circle of people are going to be those who you are closest to. I think your husband is already indicating that he has a limit on his support of you and your writing and there is going to be a shatter point to that support.

You really need to work this out now. If you have doubts about your want to have a baby, then that is a huge deal - a potentially life changing deal.

Be aware also, that you are about to embark on one of the most soul destroying endeavours you can ever imagine. Agents are not going to be falling over themselves to sign you and your first book. Prepare yourself for rejection after rejection after rejection and then once you have gotten those dozens upon dozens of rejections - be prepared for a dozen more. Take it from me - I trod that path and I allowed myself to be destroyed by it, long before I broke through.

Of course, you could well be that good and you may well get an agent and a publishing deal straight up. If that is the case, then awesome. Just prepare yourself for a little something that I like to call "the Suck".
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