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Originally Posted by Scumhook View Post
This ep gave my ears a boner.

As always, the banter between Myq & the guests was rapid and entertaining. Even Gaby's brain farting came out smelling like roses

The breadth of topics was breathtaking, and I feel much better now that rape has been fixed. I'm not as happy about alcoholism being fixed though...

Myq - you are a podgod.
Happy to create things that make you happy... and it took fewer than six days to do it. (Of course, creating a podcast is less work than creating the universe, I presume. And also I had help from my guests, and the fine production team at the KATG network. So, together we all make some kind of Voltronic podgod combo. More like a Hindu polytheistic situation. Podly-theism, perhaps.)

Sincere thanks!
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