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Originally Posted by fredd View Post
So they shout at the kid from behind and when he turns around to see what's going on, they shoot him 7 times dead? I'm suprised the police in the article didn't say "he was coming right at us". now I realize he was carrying replica guns, but most other places there would be no way police would assume a 13 year old could possibly be walking around with real guns.
They just wanted to kill a 13-year-old? It's worth explaining to the higher ups?


Originally Posted by WSEIII View Post
I somehow managed to stay alive and not kill anyone during my school years.

I think toy guns should be phased out. Unfortunately the police officer who shot the thirteen year old did the right thing.
You were in a special school.

I wouldn't call you out but "phased out" is a, no pun, cop out.

Toy guns or not toy guns? Or explain how we phase them out.

We're changing the world here or what's the point?!
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