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I agree that kids are stupid - their brains are not done cooking until at least 25

I was never strongly opposed to toy guns for my sons - they never really showed interest except for water guns and Nerf guns. It was none issue because I simply didn't buy them - they never asked, I never had to make it a 'forbidden' thing to them - that usually is the trick to make them HAVE to have something - ban it.

I haven't thought about this in a long time - it just popped into my mind. My Dad had a rifle in the bedroom closet in my parents room. I have no idea why - he wasn't a hunter - it was ever mentioned but it was there and we (my 3 sisters and I) knew about it. I grew up in Queens as an FYI.

My younger sister used to taunt me with that thing - she would point it at me and tell me to climb out onto the roof of our house. No wonder I stopped talking to her this summer - she always was mean to me.

I have a big fear of any kind of gun - I don't want to be around one at all, ever. It gives me anxiety thinking about it right now, my heart is racing as I type. I found out that a friend of mine carries a gun ALL the time - I had to stop hanging around with him because I am so afraid of some sort of incident is going to happen with his gun.

I don't know how people can think that they are immune to becoming a story on the 6 o'clock news when guns are around.

That being said - I don't know how to answer the poll - I have 3 kids in school, I work in a school - I send them and I go everyday thinking we are safe. We also live right near Newtown, CT. You would think I would have a homeschool classroom set up already, I guess I don't think about it everyday - I can't live my life in fear - then the guns win, right?
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