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Originally Posted by Scumhook View Post
Troy made a comment about being agnostic and an atheist (from memory). I would like more info on this stance. Did I mis-hear or wtf??
I don't often say I'm atheist and agnostic but that is how I would define myself. Here is why.
I call myself an atheist because I do not believe in any gods/god/higher power.
I do not believe because there is no logical reason to conceive such a thing exists.
However while there is no evidence that would make one conceive of such a thing there is no evidence to say it con not be either.
So I come to this conclusion. I can dismiss all ideas of higher powers and magic because what can be asserted with no proof can be dismissed with no proof. But the only way to know something for certain is to prove it which by the nature of the assertion I cannot do. So while there is no way I could possibly be more certain that there is no such thing as a higher power the fact I cannot disprove god means there is no logical way to say there is a 100% chance there is no higher power in the same way I cannot disprove the Flying Spaghetti Monster despite the fact I can know it is a joke.

Hopefully that makes sense.
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