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Flerchin is a confirmed homosexual who publicly lusts after Danny's cock, so his reviews cannot be trusted.

Liz is a diagnosed bipolar pederast who applies cosmetics on public transport, so you can draw your own conclusions about her trustworthiness.

Mandias is a hairy caveman who's face is likely to be used on the next season of "To Catch a Predator".

But we are all bound together by our screaming love for this fucking ep!!!

The awkwardness was back, and back big time. Right up to the closing minutes where Micah was thrown by some stupid question and was like "wait what???".

The defining moment for me was when a room full of guys start talking about how one of them fingered a girl, and then everyone gets sidetracked into how many "bro" puns can we whip out

Absolute fucking magic from go to whoa. If anyone is on the fence about VIP, then fucking get off it & pony up the bucks because this gem is worth every penny.

Danny - you can finger me anytime.
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