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Originally Posted by OLDPPL View Post
First of all, Troy was a great guest and I look forward to him being on the show again. He has all the great traits of a solid KATG show guest.

This being said, I was with him up until he made the proclamation "Libertarians are homophobes." That is why he made the 'Flamers' movement.

To my knowledge, Libertarians are obnoxious not because they hate gays. It's because they want liberty to extend so far that it allows too much freedom for corporations and the market. Just because their base is white people; does not mean that they are the dogmatic, hateful right wingers like the Republican party.

Troy is funny. He is smart. I expect more from someone of his ilk than to make blanket generalizations and what's worse; take his own biased assumptions as fact.
Troy here - I did indeed say on the show that "Libertarians are homophobes." but that was in error. I meant to say "The Tea Party." Of all the libertarians I know, not one has ever hinted at being homophobic. Libertarians, despite being extreme at times, are for the most part very "live and let live" people. The Tea Party also exhibits some libertarian ideas, but there are so many nutty right-wing elements that have permeated that group that it could hardly be called Libertarian. They also made mockery easy.

So thanks for calling me out on my egregious error, you are 100% right. And thanks for the nice words, I had a blast on the show.
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