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Originally Posted by tconrad View Post
I do think something is "out there", but I think it is this: A universe that has always existed.

In short: I don't believe in a god, and I don't know anything. I hope this makes some sense, and thanks for the note!
Thanks for the well-worded clarification. I would like to see you back, maybe on a serious WMN (as opposed to the non-serious and rather rambunctious KATG) with hordes of atheists lined up against you (the horde being cHemmo and maybe Mikey).

I guess the "thiest" bit means "god-ish" so I guess if you don't believe in a traditionally defined deity, you're technically an atheist, but I'd bet that most of these atheists would lean to the agnostic side if they discussed it openly.

Thanks for being a great guest

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Carry on.
Fuck you.
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