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I love popping zits. I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes to watch those videos. And the fake laughing had me rolling.

Worst moment of this week-I'm a social worker who works with older adults with mental illness and substance abuse issues. Well my car decided that it did not want me to even attempt to turn the car in so I was stuck at my clients house for 3 hours waiting on a tow truck. $500 fix that we don't have, but it's our only vehicle so fuck me.

Can't think of a best moment bc my husband was sick with the stomach flu for a week which means I'm in a touching deficiency plus had to do a lot of cleaning and worrying that he wasn't able to keep anything down for 3 days. He is starting to feel better but still not up for cuddling or anything (which I don't blame him for, it just sucks)
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