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42: Holidayzzz

'Tis the season for Love.

Letters from the fans:
Dear Brolo,
Loving your advice! I find myself nodding in agreement when you're answering people's questions. I have also found your advice for other people to be a help for ME even if I don't share the specific issue. You're definitely helping see people's perspectives and I'm learning how to relate better to people in general.
I want to get your opinion on my issue to see if it's a real problem or if I'm just being a baby:
I joined a baseball team. We play for fun against other people in the league. I'm having a great time with it! It's definitely one of the main highlights of my week.
My problem is that my boyfriend, of two years, never comes to see my games. I've asked if he wanted to come with me and he said he's not into playing baseball. When I clarified that I meant just to watch the game, he said "sure". But he hasn't come. I know that the games are not important because it's just my hobby. And I can see why watching amateurs play baseball can be boring but it would feel sweet to me if he came to support. Am I being a baby? Should I leave him out of this?
Many thanks to your show!!! VIP FOR LIFE!
Hey Brother Love it elvis's lil girl AKA savannah ill start off with umm when my brother wrote and you had read theletter and talked about it on ur show the whole time through that whole episode i cried and i love the nickname darlin thank you. Well since i broke up with my ex the one that used me iv been depressed and think all of this is my fault i keep think i deserved all of this im at the point of giving up and letting my illness take over im 19 almost 20 and forthe past 8 year my health has just gotten worse and every day i think why me why do i have to be the one to have this what did i do wrong in my life. is there any way you can help me so i wont be depressed any more and move on andget stronger with my health. I love your show and so glad to have your advice.
Love Darlin

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"Stay sick. Don't get well." -- The Mountain Goats (shut up.)

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