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Dear Brolo,

This episode broke my heart. I have heard you talk about the women you've pursued, and you always seemed to address them with love and respect. You usually bring the same attitude to your show.

In response to Jackie's letter, some of your comments about women's sports were just heartbreaking. To say that women's sports are "less than" men's is just as sad as saying women cannot do a job as well as a man. Saying the only way it's entertainment is that when like to dress cute or send is offensive. A person exerting themselves to win a game is impressive. But saying you cannot enjoy watching it because all of the players are women is not cool at all. I'm trying so hard to avoid the word sexist, but I can't honesty see a way around it.

Jackie, I think your boyfriend should support your athletic endeavors. Your hobbies are worth his time and attention.

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