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43: Sexy NOT Sexist

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Letters from the fans:
Honestly, I'm bored (should be working on my thesis right now, but well...), so I thought I'd give you an update!!
So, I did what you told me, I didn't pursue it, I just let it the way it was, I didn't contact him and was waiting to see what he would do. But then, after a week and a half or so of no communication, I thought, NO! I'm not gonna wait for HIM to call it off, I'm gonna do it! So I did. I was sad, but then again I knew that he wasn't worth my time.
A week or two after that, I went to the birthday party of a mutual friend and there he told me that he wasn't really over his ex-girlfriend (even though it's been over for almost two years now) and so couldn't start anything 'new' when I came into the picture. But then!, at that same party I found out that he has a new (this time official) girlfriend. So he's basically going to make the same mistake with her as he did with me.
Conclusion... men are bastards. (No offence )
I also just wanted to say that your advice REALLY helped me see the whole picture and put things into perspective. I felt so much better afterwards.
xx laura

Thanks for the show! Your music makes me hot! It's in my sexy-time play list.
I'd love to hear your thoughts on my silly dilemma!
With Christmas coming, I'm starting to think of what to get my boyfriend. We've been dating less than a year but we're very into each other and are in a committed relationship.
The thing is that he has everything. He makes a lot of money so it's not like he has to save up or wait to get anything that he wants. That's not a bad thing, obviously, but it leaves me with little to no options for a gift.
What do you get the person who has everything?
Hope I hear my question on your show!
Love you! (No disrespect to your awesome girlfriend.)
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