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Originally Posted by Enunciated Piffle View Post
Damn. Should have bought it direct.

Then here's an idea. You should maybe change the link on your twitter to your homepage. Or not. THat's the one I used but I hate to think that more of that cash monies was going to you, rather than iTunes.

Ah wells. Capitalism.

It really is a smart album though. It sucks living where I live, (literally the definition of nowhere) cuz I don't get to see comedians perform live. I wish KatG had a super big budget where they dragged you, Myka, and BroLo out to LA Podfest...

Optimism! Hope! ...and of course...more coffee drugs. Cheers!
cheers indeed!
hopefully i will perform somewhere near enough to where you are located someday. until then, thanks for buying the album, however you did it. don't feel bad! obviously i'm happy to have album sales regardless of how, and if you don't get a physical one, then i don't have to do anything. plus itunes sales add up and make it more likely for other people to learn about the album through itunes, i believe.

i thought about putting the "buy" page from my site as the link there, but my website link is right below, so it would look weird. so i'm fine to have people go through itunes. or if they go to my site and learn they can get a physical copy, even better. or even the more same.

sincerely, no worries and thanks for the support regardless!
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