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TTSWD: #1 SpinOff DL!

Liked the role reversal of Chemda being Bad Cop and Keith being...somewhat nicer than usual. Snarky Chemda! Mark the books. Could be a first appearance! It certainly raised the value of the show for this mean asshole fan

Sounded like NYC Podfest went really well for Danny. I really wish it was recorded. I feel like it's a missed opportunity for a nice bonus video, (which I haven't seen in the VIP feed for awhile) or even a chance to throw it up as a premium, generate some cash money, and keep Danny where he belongs - living in NYC. Ah wells.

Congrats on your two year in the City anniversary. I'm sure many KATG fans would agree that 2013 was The Year of The Hatch.

Well deserved. CHeers!
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