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Originally Posted by codefendant View Post
Hi Danny,

I'm a big fan of you and your show. It's cool how your confidence has grown and you are making such big strides in your comedic career.

I was a little concerned today b/c it looks like even VIPs have to pay for video now. This is a little messed up imo being that I've been VIP for months and it was a previously included feature. To remove it and leave VIP prices the same seems a little shady. Just a thought. I may or may not renew next month but thought I'd let you know.

All the best,
They recently instated the option although it was my understanding that current VIPers would be grandfathered in. You might want to send an email directly to them. When it is issues like this I have gotten pretty quick response.

On the show related-love it. Danny, go to the strip club, it is normal to be nervous. You will probably enjoy it.

Awesome show. Also, what was the song that was played?
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