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I found it strangely refreshing to hear a 25 year old who's tired of life and is ready to die.

He's saved himself a lot of time & effort really. All that work he would have done to follow his dreams and strive to make something of himself, only to realise that Lady Luck is a cruel whore, and the phrase "Life's a bitch and then you die" isn't a joke at all.

Grind away, little buddy. Just like the beautiful white snow as it falls to the earth, everything ends up as icy black sludge in the gutters of the road of life.

So well done, short Andrew. I commend you on your bleak outlook, and I hope you live a long life. At first glance, the wish for a long life may seem at odds with my prior comments, but if you include the fact that I'm a bitter nasty piece of shit cunt, then it should make a bit more sense.

The phrase "Best spinoff show ever" should no longer be used for MNIK. Why? Simply because it understates the bestness and sells the show short.

heh heh heh, "sells it short".
I didn't even mean to do that...
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