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Originally Posted by Scumhook View Post
And fucking fuck those arsewipes who show up with a single bottle of beer crafted by Equadorian monks made from the urine of virgin yaks which cost $350 at Trader Joes; and then they put it on the bench and start slamming your domestic beers or vodka like there's no fucking tomorrow..
This part I'm in total agreement. Pricks who show up wanting to act all booshy but then drink all your swill should be beaten. Possibly with bottles.

As for the "Craft beer ...poofters...etc" remark, I'm not sure Scummy knows just what the fuck he's talking about. Good beer is better. Anyone who argues otherwise is either ignorant of taste, or an alcoholic who doesn't care about taste.

Scummy's never had a 'Cold Smoke' from Kettlehouse in MT, or an Oberon Ale from Bells Brewery in MI. Sure, you can buy a 'suitcase' of swill for cheap and going to partys and getting fucked up, but expensive craft beer tastes better. There are also so many flavors and methods to brewing. Just the dialogue alone that stems from good brew...
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