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I love Keith's timing for shots;

Andrew: Ok, I'll talk about my alcohol addicted Grandmother for the first time...
Keith: SHOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Andrew: Ooook

I think anyone who agrees to be on MNIK knows that they have something they need sorting out. So by the time the show is over they have gotten out what they needed to and can go about making the changes in their life for the better. Andrews' issue seemed pretty clear to me early on (regarding the ex) - I really hope his outlook on life improves, he's a good guy and it pains me to hear someone feel so over life at such a young age. If he were a piece of shit, fair enough - but he's a good dude and I wish him the best.

Loved the episode. Someone should add some dramatic music to the lead up to all the puzzle pieces sinking in and Keith announcing what the big issue with the guest is.

Keith: Hold on.... SIXTH SENSE!!!! You still love your ex. BOOOOOOM!
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