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Originally Posted by thirteen View Post
- Yes, beer is an acquired taste for most people. It's shit when you try it the first time, and I still refuse to drink it. There's no reason for me to "get used" to something when there are so many other options.
Are there really "so many other options"? Maybe if you're one of them witless gobshites who only drinks to get drunk, but I can't think of "many other" non-water "options" when it comes to "refreshingness" after a hot or hard or hot and "hard" day than a cold "brewski". Home-made lemonade maybe, as long as it's barely sweetened, but anything more than barely sweetened tastes like shit when you're proper thirsty. Which is fine if you like the taste of shit, but I don't. And I've tried it several times, so (for once) I'm not just talking out of my ass (yes pun).
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