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John Harvey
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I missed the first couple of hours of the marathon so was happy to see this put up, means I listened to about the first 12 hours, awesome.

Gotta say, I think Pat fucked up coming in on the attack. It did make for an excellent listen, the cringes and incredulous laughs were coming thick and fast but he also kinda shot his credibility which was already at about -9 with you guys. Coming in insulting fans and being very pointed was pretty funny but hurt him I reckon.

As to the question of whether Pat's a misogynist - personally I think that he's more of an asshole across the board, it's not quite fair to tarnish him with the more one-sided brush. He's not just patronizing to women, it seems that he's just as much of a dick to the guys too and just has an abrasive personality (or comic persona perhaps).

Personally I find that labelling people as misogynists or homophobes or racists can be super unhelpful because it's an end to conversation. It forces the accused into a defensive stance (which in Pat's case seems to be sarcastic attack) which seems to be impossible to get out of. He can't just say "I'm not", the accused has to defend and then a conversation becomes more of a battle.

Also, Chemda's actual personal dislike for Pat seems palpable. It's funny, get him back.
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