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Originally Posted by Bucho View Post
To be fair it's because unless I'm drunk or high myself I generally get bored with listening to drunk or high people, so it's less that the show is bad than this show is really not "for me". Somehow Keith is a freak in that I still enjoy listening to him when he's drunk, but he may be the only person on Earth that applies to so 90% of what the guests say is just wearying to me. That's also why the other best episode is Katherine Heller's, because she cheated her way to soberness.

But mostly it's just because Adam Brown Big Fat Clown Went To Town Upside Down Wearing A Crown is literally The Best.
Fair points. Not all VIP shows will be for everyone, and that's what's so fucking great about VIP

I agree that there are few things more boring/irritating than being sober & listening to drunk bastards; but for some reason, MNIK doesn't have that effect on me. Maybe it's because K isn't a sloppy drunk (or at least doesn't drink enough to get sloppy on the show).

This show is a great example of "In Vino Veritas". The guests drop their guards and let K probe their psyches.

I concur about Katherine H's ep, but I reckon that she was at least half pissed, but she's a girl who can clearly hold her liquor, and it made for one of the best ep's.

Anyway, enough bullshit. Here's an arse as a palette cleanser:
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