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The Americans is a great show and it's surprisingly filthy for network TV, even FX. A woman blows her boss and then you see her spit into a teacup. Kerri Russel gives a guy a finger while blowing him - "What, you've never had a girl stick her finger in your ass?" Threesomes, attempted anal rape, etc.

Speaking of anal, Belle Knox has never done it in a scene as far as I can tell. "I LOOKED IT UP, SHE'S TAKIN' IT IN EVERY HOLE!" You didn't look anything up. You have emotional issues with porn, Keith.

She did do Facial Abuse, which is about as close as you can get to porn that should be illegal even with consenting adults. A lot of brand new girls seem to do it the moment they turn 18, and I don't know why. I think these "modelling agencies" you find when you literally google how to do porn must steer them straight to that site.

Also, people in porn tend to refer to themselves as porn performers, not pornstars. There aren't very many stars any more.
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