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I have a portable vapourizer and a stationary plug-in vaporizer! They are amazing.

Weed is not addictive... in the physical sense: the way heroin, cocaine, alcohol, cigarettes or sugar and coffee are.
It may be addictive in the way TV, the internet, or cell phones are. If you take someone away from their internet they may be upset, but they will be fully capable of handling the withdrawl.

You may also become dependent on the substance if you are using it medically. For example I get anxiety if I don't have some available - in case I need to use it - however I can survive the month without it, and the pain I am experiencing wont become worse while I'm in withdrawl from the medicine... which absolutely happened when I was on morphine for too long.

Even sugar has a shitty withdrawl!
Weed does not.
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