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Originally Posted by Keith View Post
It seems like the term "medically" is getting looser and looser...
I have Crohn's disease. Studies are being done that show even smoking weed has an amazing 100% of patients seeing a decrease in their symptoms. (Most of the drugs on the market are about 50%, and none have worked for me) Even a good percentage being put into full remission which means no symptoms...

Weed is literally a miracle drug.

My mom was very against drugs, so I did a ridiculous amount of research to calm her mind about me smoking it... Vaporizer lowers the damage being done to your lungs, so I got them to appease her.

Chemda is right, smoking is more fun, but a vape gives you a body high that lasts longer, and it still gets in your head!

And Danny is right, weed is very expensive, however with a vape you are using a quarter of what you would usually use to get high... very good on the wallet.
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