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Good show!

I got curious about what the issue was with Chemda and Marina, so I went and found the old episode. It's about an hour and a half long, and is equal parts of awkward and hilarious.

The Awkward Comedy Show (Keith and The Girl) - Comedy Talk Show & Podcast

It's a cringefunny (is there a word for cringefunny? there should be) show to listen to.. Victor, Baron Vaughn, Hannibal Burress, and Marina Franklin all on to discuss their comedy show/tour, and whatever else comes up. It's amazing how quickly the awkwardness ratchets up. Keith and Chemda were on a very different level than Marina, and Marina just didn't seem to give a fuck. You can easily hear them get offended at her rudeness, so there are snide comments back and that slowly keeps escalating. So.. Chemda's right, I think Marina started it by not even bringing anything to it. Hannibal was pretty quiet, but it worked for him and was funny when he spoke. Victor's used to the speed/style of KATG and does a lot of dancing to keep everything from getting too awkward. Baron gets drunk, which helps relax tension quite a bit.

One to add to the KATG grudge list? Maybe not, as it seems to be Chemda personally.. but definitely a side note for it
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