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4:20, my show and KATG week!!

Not only will I have party favors available to all for the festivities during the week, I'd love to smoke a J with you all after my show, typecast and get your thoughts on it. I want to make this show as great and huge as possible and any feedback you guys have afterward will help me out a lot!

The reading of the script at my house went great the other night. I'm really excited to share it with you guys. You've been hearing about this show for over a year now on the show and I'd love you guys to be part of this first incarnation.

Please come support me and bring a buddy if you want. I need all the good energy and love I can get.

Use my code: HENNY for a discount!

Thanks so much KATG family, I hope to see you there. Let's celebrate the blessed holiday together!!
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