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Whether or not it should be illegal doesn't change the fact it that it is, but haven't peeps sparked up live on air on at least two of the marathons? Did you feel weird about the illegal activity taking place within your business then Keith?

The other thing, about how you think weed changes Danny vs how booze changes Danny was an intriguing one and I wish it got delved into exactly how you see each thing changing him, especially because generally booze is considered an asshole-maker, whereas, like our pal Adrian pointed out ad nauseum, weed is a bore-maker.

This may come across like I'm on Chemda and Danny's side, but I'm actually pretty much on the fence, so I'm glad there's no poll and I don't have to make any har-rerd decisions because on the other side I do agree with Adrian that weed makes things boring for anyone who's not high, so I'm glad you resisted it and no sparks were upped.

Also Danny was hilarious this whole episode. It should go without saying by now that I find him ridiculously consistently hilarious, but I have all this space at the bottom of my post and no lame Twitter-esque character limit, and everyone loves reading long multi-paragraphical posts so I may as well just keep writing stuff, right?
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