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Anti-Depressants and Ayahuasca/DMT

Great show Danny! (and Keith and Chemda)

I think its great that you want to experience psychadelics and empathogenics! They are great ways to reconfigure your perception. However DO NOT take them while you are taking anti-depressants! SSRIs and MAOIs inhibit your seratonin receptors and that can have a negative and dullling effect on LSD, DMT, and MDMA. My recommendation from experience would be to slowly cycle off of the depressive meds (with Dr. supervision if desired, but remember that pharmacuetical companies would rather you take SSRIs constantly than have you significantly cured of your depression by 1 or 2 psychadelic trips) Get in decent shape health-wise (just eating right and exercise, nothing crazy), then take your trip. I have the most experience with MDMA but I'd be happy to give you my input about anything whenever you want.

I enjoyed the cannabis/alcohol debate and I think some good points were made on both sides. I remember when I was about 23 years old (I'm 30 now) really coming down on my girlfriend (not in the fun way) about her smoking weed. I would get super upset that it seemed to make her a different person. Not long after, I began smoking myself and actually called her to apologize. But I think the fact that many people are more used to being around alcohol use/abuse than cannabis use/abuse, just makes people more able to interpret the differences in behavior/personality with a drunk person than a high one. I think the disassociative effect of cannabis can make people who aren't high more uncomfortable because they feel like they are operating on a different "level" than the person who is high, especially if they are trying to communicate or relate to them.

Best of luck Danny! Thanks for the laughs!

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