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The term you are looking to is similar to finanacial abuse. Your craigslist ad reminded me of the ad's that Financial Dominatrix's or Financial Domme's post.

They usually involve including a link to the persons amazon wishlist so those that want to pay that person "tribute" can buy them a gift.

The market for financial domination is litered with "girls" that do what you are doing. So much so that the only ones that really make any profit have cam verified that they are who they are and that these tributer's money isn't going to some guy pretending to be someone they aren't. There is even a website devoted to just the cam verification.

Financial Domination is not a new fetish. It has invaded most BDSM related dating websites ( specifically) to the point of if you are looking for a sincere relationship on that website its silly.

As a person who isn't a fan of that fetish I find it annoying. I have no issues with the people that do it, its just not my kink. If I was a girl you bet I wouldn't mind getting money from people for doing little for nothing.
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