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Nabisco certainly was named the National Biscuit Company originally. They are headquartered in East Hanover, NJ - a neighboring town of where Myq grew up. Perhaps that was where he saw National Biscuit Company? Although the name change was officially in 1971.

Little Orphan Annie is a comic strip based on a poem called Little Orphant Annie. That poem was inspired by a young girl named Mary Alice Smith. The Raggedy Ann doll was also created based on the poem. In the comic strip Annie is described as having a, "mop of red, curly hair and vacant circles for eyes." The poem is not explicit, but it looks like Mary Alice had curly hair. Can't tell if it's red, the picture is black and white.

Most of the Annies (comic strips, theater and movies) have had red, curly hair, although I'm sure many wore wigs. I would guess that a black Annie would not have red hair. But that should probably upset as many people as that none of the Annies have ever had vacant circles for eyes.

The twitter account @ILoveCookies does already exist. It has 2 followers and it's a protected account. The picture on the account is not an egg. The picture is of a mother (presumably) with her (presumably) young baby (almost 100% sure).

Also, I love cookies.

Danny seems young to me. Which is fine, because he is young. I think he chose 47 because that's how old I am.
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You could be a terrorist and I would still continue to love you very, very much.
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